Zaniin Eco-Friendly TPU Index Chopping Board

Zaniin Eco-Friendly TPU Index Chopping Board

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Features of TPU Chopping Board: 

  1. Anti-mark 
  2. Anti-odor and colour spot 
  3. No harm to kitchen knife 
  4. Dishwasher safe 
  5. Boiled water safe 
  6. Great flexibility 
  7. Special non-slip design 
  8. Sharp colours and indexed bottom for food categories 
  9. Thin (3mm) and light weight (290g) for each board 

About materials

*FDA (U.S.A.), EU 10/2011 (EU), MHLW (Japan) and TFDA (Taiwan) approved
*Heat resistane 150, PAHs safe and no plasticizer approved by SGS
*Many times stronger than PP and PE approved by SGS
*Effect on restraining bacteria and mildew breeding after used and boiled water approved by Nano-material Measurement Laboratory
*Made in Taiwan (Pantent No. M460619)



Made In Taiwan