Our Story

The story of Breezy Living begins from a mother who has been looking for quality and useful household items for the whole family. Meiling Chen, the founder of Breezy Living, spent years searching products all over the world and decided to share the treasures she found with more people. 

Before Breezy Living was born, Meiling was just a normal house wife and a mum. She liked to do online shopping and shared good products with friends and family members. After years of being an experienced consumer, she decided to set up Breezy Living, offering only fine and high quality products to people. Each item in Breezy Living was carefully selected, and Meiling will keep searching good products for her customers. "I’m very proud of every product I choose; and as a entrepreneur, this is my responsibility help people get a better and healthier life.” said Meiling. 

We hope you love our products and enjoy shopping with Breezy Living.